Weaving A Glorious Tapestry

In this chapter Bob Sorge speaks of the Glorious Tapestry of God that is woven together by everyone’s involvement. This is a significant point in the sense that we are the body of Christ and we each have a role that another cannot do because they’re an ear or a foot or whatever. The body of Christ isn’t able to move efficiently or influence our world the way Jesus did unless everyone who identifies themselves as a member of the body participates.

Although the Lord can move without our involvement I believe He prefers that His Bride be interested in His work. God is so humble and kind to include us in what He is doing in the earth. He doesn’t call us slaves, but rather brothers, sisters, friends and ultimately His Bride, His partner who helps Him carry out His plans. When we believe in this Bridal identity that He has given His church our lives will be effective for Him.

The excuse we often give to keep from getting involved is that we don’t yet know what our role is. We don’t know whether God has called us to this or that, to be a teacher, prophet or evangelist. However until we know for certain what role God has called us to we have to realize that God has equipped us all to prayer and worship. I think one of our primary responsibilities is to seek the Lord through worship, prayer and intercession and to wait upon Him. After all that’s what Jesus did while He was on the earth and now that we represent His body we should learn to do the same.

God in His kindness can give us His Spirit apart from our asking but I think He especially loves to give good gifts to His children when they ask for them. Again He wants us involved and engaged with His heart by exercising our faith. He said that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness would be filled. The clearest indication of being hungry and thirsty is simply asking Him through prayer and fasting. Through asking we acknowledge that God is good and we want to experience Him more than anything else. I believe it strengthens our faith and gives us confidence in our heart that we are sons and daughters of the Most High God.

So there is no excuse not be engaged in worship, prayer or intercession. God is all about community involvement. When the early church of Acts gathered together daily in prayer the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and thousands were saved. They received the promised Holy Spirit who empowered them to walk out their calling, whether that meant serving, teaching, healing or evangelizing. By His very presence the Holy Spirit eliminated a plethora of problems because He caused them to be of one heart and mind.

Sometimes we reap the good of what others have sown before us. We’re all at different stages in our walk with the Lord but if everyone would participate and be faithful with what the Lord has given them I believe the entire Body of Christ will benefit.


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