A Passion For The River


Throughout my life I have discovered that nothing satisfies me like God does. God is so smart. In His wisdom he designed us in such a way that we can never find true satisfaction in anything but Him. Whenever we turn to other things in our lives to fulfill us, whether good or bad, we will inevitably feel empty.

When Jesus offered living water to the woman at the well in John 4, He was offering her eternal life by the gift of the Holy Spirit that satisfies forever. Thankfully the offer still stands, to everyone who believes in Him. In her own life, the woman at the well was seeking fulfillment and satisfaction in relationships with other men, none of which seemed to work for her. She was thirsty, but she was drinking from the wrong source. Her story is a prime example of the dissatisfaction that the world offers. Only the Holy Spirit of God will sustain us for eternity and keep us fully satisfied. The only way to this living water is through Jesus. He is the one who gives us eternal life when we believe and abide in Him. Unless we turn to our Creator who formed us we will never experience complete satisfaction, specifically eternal life with Him, which He alone offers.

“The ways of God are past finding out.” It’s a real mystery, the way in which God allows us to experience dissatisfaction so that we might turn to Him. He made this world for us, but nothing in it, not even other people (in friendship or marriage) will satisfy our deepest longings. We are designed to be satisfied with the infinite, which God is, not with finite things that waste away with the earth. Our God is a jealous God and He designed us for Himself; we were made to worship Him and give Him glory.

Recently, after meditating on my own life, I experienced an overwhelming dissatisfaction with the world. At first this made me depressed and anxious but soon I realized (as weird as it may sound) that God was actually answering a prayer I had said sometime ago. I had asked Him for a greater hunger for Him and for the things that truly matter in this life. I feel that God in His wisdom is drawing me closer to Him by calling me to the things that matter the most: prayer, worship and reading His word. Nothing else will do; Jesus is my number one priority.

Being faced with the despair and brokenness of the world compels me to cry out, “Come back Jesus.” At the end of the day I believe there is no better prayer than this. Jesus is the solution for everything under the sun: war, hunger, addiction, poverty, injustice, sickness and every kind of evil. I have such a great longing for His power and presence in my life because I realize that my existence has no meaning or purpose without Him.

This is why I thank God for the wonderful reality of His Holy Spirit. What a gift it is that God makes us His dwelling place. He is the river of life within us, our friend who we can talk with at any time. I honestly don’t think I’d be able to make it through most days without Him. I believe that God, in His kindness allows us to be dissatisfied so we’ll realize that we are in fact still thirsty. He shows us that the world doesn’t satisfy us like we thought it did, but that He alone is the answer, the water of life that satisfies forever.


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